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As per [ profile] fanelia_angel's request, I'm doing a picspam. She told me to do my favorite Lorelai Gilmore moments. Not Lorelai and Luke, but Lorelai Gilmore. There's only one instance of Luke in this picspam, and it's simply because I love the Lorelai moment. But the rest are Lorelai-focused, or as much so as possible. Hope they bring back some memories.

So, I present to you...

Lorelai Gilmore, disappointing mothers since 1968. )
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I have two stories up for auction. One is a Jim/Pam story and one is a Luke/Lorelai story. There are tons of fandoms and tons of authors lined up to be auctioned off... so go HERE tonight to start bidding! If you win me, I will make you a video for the fandom you won me for. If you're confused on how the auctions work, check out the FAQ! There are tons of special offers, etc... so seriously, go and bid because this is all for such a great person!

It seems only fitting to post to pimp out this auction (besides the fact that I was going to regardless) since I MET [ profile] truelovepooh TODAY! I also met [profile] olivia_jane74 and I got to hang out with [ profile] bigbagofweird again! We bowled and we ate and I wish I could have skipped class to spend more time with them... but I will see them tomorrow along with [ profile] filo77 !

So, if you see a fandom on that list you're interested in, or know someone that might be, place a bid or tell someone about it... you won't regret it! Seriously, if I can say that I had a blasty blast with the macaroni to my cheese, and her posse, you should look for loose change at the bottom of your purses or underneath the seat in your car!

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So on FanLib there's a contest for drabbles. I've become quite fond of them. Here's one from Lorelai's point of view and one from Luke's point of view on the moment that changed both their lives forever.

Well that was fun, wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed them. Luke's was way more fun for me than Lorelai's, I don't know why.
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