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The purpose of this meme is to send love to others. That's literally it. You don't have to be a gal! The rules:

1) Comment below with your username and leave love for others.
2) Spread the word using the text box below.
3) Don't be a Jerry and screw this up for everyone or so help me...

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I know not everyone's a fan of love memes on my f-list, and that's okay. Here's your disclaimer: YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO DO THIS. I WILL NOT THINK ANY LESS OF YOU FOR NOT FILLING IT OUT, EITHER FOR ME OR FOR YOURSELF. I LOVE YOU ANYWAY AND DO NOT NEED A MEME TO SAY IT. However, I definitely need it today!


Also, I'm taking a cue from [ profile] tralfamadore and trying something fun today. I'm turning anon on, and screening comments, and answering any questions you want! Doesn't matter if they're serious or funny or wicked personal, or whatever, I'll write an entry on them. I haven't done this in awhile, and I figure since I have a ton of new friends, it's a great way to catch up. Since these journal entries will be locked, I will legitimately talk about anything you want. I always hesitate on tumblr because you never know who can read it, but I trust you guys and if you want to ask, ask!

I'm gonna go find me some food in this apartment.
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Okay, so I've created a meme, and I figure since I have some new friends and suchness, it would be a good idea.  So here goes... hope it's fun.  I know I always have random questions for my friends and feel kind of embarrassed to ask.

This meme is to anonymously ask a question about me or my life.  Whether you're one of my best friends with a general inquiry, or if you're a new friend who is entirely confused about everything, feel free to ask any question you want.  I will make one long post answering the questions at another time.  [Remember: when you're commenting, make sure you select the 'anonymous' option.]

Also: remind me to post the rest of those memes!

EDIT: I forgot I disabled anonymous comments, lol. They're on now.
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