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Title: The Pink Paperclip
Written for: [ profile] propernice
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Pairing: Ben/Leslie
Prompt: "The Pink Paperclip"
Spoilers: 4x09 "The Trial of Leslie Knope"
Summary: After the events of 4x09, Ben begins to clean out his desk.
Notes: This could be another fic that proves itself impossible after the airing of a new episode. But based on Thursday’s piece of gold, I had to write this. Damn Parks and its ability to make me change every prompt idea I’ve had! Also, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] propernice! You are wonderful! Have a great day and I hope you enjoy!

“I love Leslie. I want to be with her and I don’t want to hide the way I feel about her anymore. So yeah, it was worth it, because I’m in love with Leslie Knope.”

Gathering up work related belongings and putting them into a box was nothing like TV made it seem. All the shows made it seem like the character was heartbroken, or dejected, or whatever word that was a synonym for ‘sad’. But as Ben sorted through his desk to gather his things, he felt none of those synonyms.

Of course, it was bittersweet. He loved Pawnee, he liked working with Chris, and he didn’t completely abhor his job. On the other hand, though, this was a new beginning. Ben always liked new beginnings.

He opened the top drawer of his desk, triple-checking that he had taken everything he needed. Then he opened the middle drawer. The bottom drawer. Ben grabbed the box and placed it on the floor, then grabbed the files that were stacked on the chair. He checked the tabs of each manila folder, ensuring that they were in order.

As he set the last folder on the top of the pile, he smiled. A single, small pink paperclip attached something to the inside cover. When Ben opened the folder, there was a note attached.

From the Desk of Leslie Knope
Deputy Director
Department of Parks and Recreation
Pawnee, Indiana


Here are those spreadsheets you wanted. I have no idea if some of the numbers are on target, because I’m fairly certain that I was watching Mythbusters while I double-checked them.

Hope they help,


PS. Sorry about the weird spot on the folder. I took the folder with me to JJ’s and I triple-checked the numbers while I was eating waffles. Long story short, there was a syrup incident. I didn’t want you to arrive today without them on your desk, otherwise I’d have switched the folder out.

Ben slipped the note out from under the pink paperclip and folded it in half. After a moment, he also took the pink paperclip, attaching it to the note and placing it in the pocket of his suit jacket.

He definitely made the right choice.
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