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This entry really only applies if you're my Yuletide writer, or if you like Yuletide, or whatever. :)

Dear Yuletide Writer,
Thank you so much for writing something for me… you are incredibly wonderful and fantastic, and I don’t even know you.  But you’ve already made my day by existing, just so you know.  I’m new to the whole Yuletide thing, so I hope I’m doing this letter right.  I’m going to try to break this up in a less awkward way so it doesn’t seem like me just rambling on and on about my love for things. I have my “perfect world” section with my favorite ideas, but I’m also putting “other random suggestions” in there… I’m trying not to sound overbearing or demanding, I’m really just trying to get the creative juices flowing so you’re not like “Ugh what the heck am I supposed to write?” LOL. If you like a specific prompt, go for the “in a perfect world” part. But if you like more freedom, I have a rambling spot for that, too.  Before I start with my fandom stuff, I’ll give you a general idea of what I like and don’t really like:
I like: Witty humor, subtlety, “little moments”, happy endings, strong friendships that lead to romance.  I’m not opposed to holiday themed stories, but they are not a must.  I actually adore non-linear storytelling if it’s done correctly.  I really like nerdy references, or references to small things in canon that only a true fan would get.  I like to put the puzzle together.  If you want to go the smut route, I’m cool with that. I can do angst, as long as it’s a happy ending.  I am a sucker for introspection, as well as careful attention to characterization.
Things I would like to avoid: Violence, character death, gore, rape or non-con.  I have an embarrassment squick, so if you could avoid that, I’d really appreciate it.  I would prefer that the characters and setting remain as close to canon as possible.  I’m not into AU.  Basically, a good rule of thumb would be if it could realistically happen in canon, I’m okay with it.  But I’d prefer that it mesh with the way things feel in canon, including characterizations, pairings, etc.
Okay, so here’s all the stuff you need to know.
1)      That Thing You Do! (1996) – Guy Patterson, Faye Dolan
In a perfect world… :  In a perfect world, I have a ton of ideas for TTYD! fic. Basically, my idea in my head is some sort of Guy/Faye fic focused on when Guy knew he had feelings for Faye.  I would think this would be sometime pre-movie, but if it’s during the movie, that’s cool.
Other random suggestions: Post movie Guy/Faye fic is also awesome. “Deleted scene” type fic is awesome. Basically anything involving Guy and Faye being a couple will totally make my Yuletide a happy one.
2)      Away We Go (2009) – Characters: Burt Farlander, Verona De Tessant
In a perfect world…:  Okay, one of two things would make me THE HAPPIEST. There’s something about the idea of Burt and Verona pre-movie that really fascinates me.  How did they meet, what was their first date like, etc etc.  I’ve always had this headcanon that Burt had to win Verona over.  Also, there’s something about the birth of Burt and Verona’s daughter that just gnaws at my brain, in a sweet fluffy way.  I can just picture Burt being totally enthralled with her, and it’s adorable. If you could somehow combine this to make one fic, I’d be your best friend forever, but it’s by no means required.
Other random suggestions: Basically ANYTHING Burt/Verona pre-film or post-film is awesome. Other characters are gravy.  If you want to do “deleted scene” type fic, that’s cool too, or even something during the film. I’m honestly not picky. Just… Burt and Verona. Even if it’s pre-film friendship or something. I just love them.
3)      NCIS RPF – Characters: Mark Harmon, Lauren Holly, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly
This one needs background.  Basically, the S4 round table gives me the happiest warm fuzzies in the world.  It’s DVD extras… here are the links, if you do not possess the DVDS:
Part 1:
Part 2:
There’s two dynamics there that I’m really fascinated by, and I’ll ramble about those for a few minutes. The first is Mark and Lauren’s friendship.  Their trust and love for each other as friends really seems to be genuine and heartfelt, and I adore that.  There’s another dynamic here that I love, and it’s a completely different one.  Michael and Cote. I ship Michael/Cote like burning.  It’s so wrong but I just love them.  Their playful banter… it’s just adorable. That’s the dynamic I’m hoping for.
In a perfect world…: Ideally, I’d love some sort of “Mark and Lauren know all” sort of fic. Like, they can tell Michael and Cote have some sort of somethin’ somethin’ going on.  Ideally, it would be heavy on the Mark and Lauren friendship as well as the Michael and Cote romantic relationship.  (Bonus points for any Mark Harmon prank. You would be my hero for life.)
Other random suggestions: Friendship fic involving Mark and Lauren, or Michael and Cote, and anyone else.  Just… the dynamics in this cast are so wonderful and they make me smile, that any sort of combo of the four aforementioned characters or the rest of the ensemble would make me GIDDY. 
4)      Saturday Night Live – Sully and Denise
Okay, so this one needs some background, too.  Links!
Wiki on Sully & Denise:
Wiki about the 2004 ALDS:
Wiki about the 2004 ALCS:
Wiki about the 2004 World Series:
The entire "canon" for them, if you will, could/should be on Hulu or Netflix, since the episodes are listed in that wiki. If you need any information about the Boston Red Sox, or Boston in that time, I’ll be glad to help, since I am a diehard Red Sox fan myself.  I will be ecstatic to come up with a list of important players, games, moments, etc etc if that helps.
In a perfect world…: In an ideal world, I’d love a Sully/Denise fic that takes place through the time period in which the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 2004.  In my head, the fic would take place during the ALDS, ALCS, and actual World Series.  Sully and Denise’s last appearance on SNL was in early 2004, before the World Series was even a thought! Shame. LOL. Anyway, I’d just love to see that period in October.  It totally screwed with all of us, and I’d love to see how Sully and Denise handled the pressure!
Other random suggestions: Any Sully and Denise being Sully and Denise is awesome. I would love any sort of fic involving them, so I’m not really picky!
If you ever want to stalk me, you are totally free to do that.  My tumblr name is the same as my AO3 name (jessbakescakes), and my twitter is as well.  My LJ profile has this huge exhaustive list of fandoms and stuff I like, so that may give you an insight into my personality if that’s an angle you’re into (I’m a psychology student… it’s how I roll).  And if you’re totally confused, feel free to have someone contact me. I’m not going to get irritated or anything.
Last but not least—don’t stress! I want things to be easy on you. I’m a shippy person but genfic always makes me happy. So please don’t worry about me. 
I hope your yuletide is awesome! Thank you again! :D


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